Seven best fitness trackers in 2022

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Seven best fitness trackers in 2022

The best fitness trackers to record steps, track the calories burned and track heart rate from Fitbit to Amazfit.

The most effective fitness trackers can assist you in creating healthy habits. Beyond counting your steps, keeping track of your actions, and informing you that you have been sleeping well, Modern fitness trackers can encourage you to develop healthier habits and provide an all-encompassing view of your fitness and health. These functions make them fantastic partners toward a healthier, more balanced life.

Certain types of fitness trackers are superior to others. So you must ensure to select one that provides the best price for the dollar. A good fitness tracker must be comfortable to wear, easy to use, and possess an extended battery lifespan. They should also be reliable when it comes to sending notifications as well as taking or rejecting calls.

best fitness trackers

The most important thing is that they should be able to keep track of your actions and monitor your health-related metrics in detail and efficiently. However, the specific health metrics are relevant and depend on the features equipped with them. Many non-premium models provide only the basic features, whereas the more expensive options and smartwatches typically have more powerful features.

We tested each fitness tracker’s efficiency in terms of battery life, performance, and other features with tears and sweat according to how difficult our fitness exercises were. From fitness trackers with a budget that still caters to your requirements to the most sought-after models people are willing to invest in, Here are our top choices below.

I. Seven best fitness trackers in 2022

1. Apple Watch Series 8

Best fitness tracker for most people


Screen1.6in/1/34in and 1.77in/1.49in OLEDWater resistance5ATM
Battery life18 hours
Reasons to buy+ Good Heart Rate and GPS accuracy.+ Ovulation monitoring+ Supports numerous third partyReasons not to buy+ One-day battery lifespan+ Not worth the upgrade for those who have Series 6 or 7

If you are in search of a top GPS as well as heart rate monitors, The Apple Watch Series 8 is an excellent fitness and health watch.

Apple is truly top-of-the-line concerning safety and health features. With the Series 8 model, you’ll find the ECG monitor that will detect irregular heart rhythms, blood oxygen monitoring, and sleep tracking. Additionally, there’s a sophisticated gyroscope to detect falls and the ability to track ovulation for women who have menstrual cycles. 

These are features you will find with other monitors. However, we have found that the capabilities for tracking the heart of Apple outdo its rivals.

In addition, it has an app collection that is bigger than the rest of its competitors combined. It has apps for second-party companies which can help you aid in your yoga practice and help you monitor your workouts and assist you in your meditation. Compared to its predecessor, this version of the Apple Watch Series 8 also provides more detailed information on fitness exercises like running and heart zone information. You can also create customized workouts and save them on your wrist.

However, it is not free of shortcomings. The watch only works with iPhones, and the battery is limited to one day. However, this smart watch is the most effective combination of features, price, and performance for sale.

2. Fitbit Versa 3

Best fitness tracker from cost to value


Screen1.58 inches, AMOLED, touchscreenWaterproof5ATM
Activity trackingYESHeart Rate TrackerYES
Battery life6 days plus

There is a reason why the Versa line is so popular. While it is not packed with every bell and whistle, it has all you require in an easy-to-use fitness tracker at a reasonable price of $229.95. Additionally, you will frequently get it for less than $200.

For sensors, you can get continuous heart rate monitoring and SpO2. It can support NFC payments and a microphone to take calls via the wrist. Additionally, you have the option of using both Alexa as well as Google Assistant. In contrast to previous versions of the Versa, it also has integrated GPS. 

Versa 3 also gives you approximately a week of battery life and the capability to run a full day of battery life in only 12 minutes. Fitbit’s platform is among the most user-friendly for those who are just beginning to get started in the field of health trackers. It has a massive crowd of competitors and is one of the more user-friendly applications for companion apps. 

There is plenty of information, particularly if you go with Fitbit Premium. Versa 3 also has the option of a trial period of 90 days with Fitbit Premium, so it’s something to think about before you decide to buy.

You will not have EKGs or the top-of-the-line Fitbit The Sense’s electrodermal activity sensor. However, most people would not employ these features so often. Similar to Apple Watch SE Apple Watch SE, the less-expensive Versa 3 makes more sense for the average user.

3. Garmin Venu Sq

Best fitness tracker for small lifestyle changes


Activity trackingYESHeart Rate TrackerYES
Battery life10 days
Reasons to Buy+ Feature-packed+ Light and easy to wear+ Works with external sensorsReasons not to Buy+ Slightly outdated watch UI+ eScreen of lower quality than Venu

The Venu Sq comes with all the essential sensors of its round counterpart. Different cycling, running, and swimming modes make it a great tracker for sports, but we noticed that the ability to pick the GPS signal was slow.

It doesn’t skimp on smartwatch features also. The music edition comes with an integrated music player. All models allow contactless payment and connectivity to the Garmin Connect IQ store, allowing you to download watch faces and apps. 

The only thing you’re missing in the main Venu is the larger LCD with an AMOLED screen, associated workout routines you can follow on the watch, and an altimeter for tracking your elevation. If you’re willing to sacrifice these features and you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Venu SQ is an excellent smartwatch for sports.

4. Garmin Forerunner 955

Best fitness tracker for runners


Screen1.3in, 260×260 MIPWater resistance5ATM
Activity trackingYesHeart Rate TrackerYes
GPSYesCompatibilityiOS, Android
Battery lifeup to 15 days
Reasons to Buy+ Great value when compared with other Garmins+Feature-packed+ Offline map downloads and 32GB of storageReasons not to Buy+ The shell of plastic is less durable than steel.+ Occasionally, heart rate accuracies occur when exercising at a higher intensity+ Maps app requires work

Garmin has taken a few shortcuts in this watch to bring down costs. However, it’s hard to see. The primary thing that Garmin has done is swap its casing made of metal for one made of plastic, but unless you are constantly banging the watch against a solid surface, it will not make a distinction.

Based on the above, it has all the features runners might require, but at a lower price. It includes maps available for download that allow you to go off-road and not lose your way and a superb multi-band GPS to ensure accurate distance records. The map app also allows users to input an interest location, and the device will determine the best route to run on for you.

It is paired with VO2 Max tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, and the capability to evaluate performance using the well-known “Training Status” feature. Its accuracy was also impressive when we tried it out. And it only showed a few minor lags when recording heart rate rises. The total cost is under $500. That’s truly an affordable price for a Garmin watch.

The maps application was a bit difficult to use, more so than other models, like that of the Fenix 7. Since this is a software problem, we believe the issues we found will likely be addressed in the coming updates.

5. Fitbit Sense

Best budgeted fitness tracker for 2022


Screen1.58in 3.36×336 pixels OLEDWater resistance5ATM
Activity trackingYesHeart Rate TrackerYes
Battery life6 days plus
Reasons to Buy+ Nice, understated design+ Bright display+ Stress Score can be extremely beneficialReasons not to Buy+ More expensive than other Fitbit+ No offline audio available unless you’re using Deezer or Pandora.

Fitbit Sense is our favorite model from Fitbit due to its features-packed design and sleek AMOLED display. It’s reasonably priced, too, with regular discounts to $229.95. You will not get the top-of-the-line features you find on Garmin watches – there is no download of maps, and the GPS capabilities could be better. 

Though you can enjoy other great features, including an EDA scanner. It measures stress by analyzing the sweatiness of your hands. If it senses that you are experiencing stress, it will suggest ways to relax.

The watch also includes an ECG scanner that gives an insight into the health of your heart and notifies you if the heartbeat is abnormally either low or high. As we tried it out, we discovered the monitor for heart rates to be quite precise when contrasted with that of the Apple Watch Series 7 model.

Like many other contemporary wearables, sense comes with a ‘Daily Readiness score, which informs users how hard they should be pushing their bodies at the fitness center. Are you working out too much and sleeping less? Most likely, the tracker will advise you to cut back on your exercise routine and rest during the day. The score will change to how the tracker is familiar with your habits.

We loved the overall style of the watch too. The watch is not so bulky that it is uncomfortable during sleep. The large display makes it easy to read in bright sunlight. We were impressed by the 6-day battery lifespan. 

The only issue we have about the app is that it does not allow downloading and listening to music, except if you are using the Deezer and Pandora apps.

6. Fitbit Charge 5

Best fitness tracker for sleep tracking


Screen1.04in OLEDWater resistance5ATM
Activity trackingYesHeart Rate TrackerYes
Battery life7 days
Reasons to Buy+Has GPS built-in+ Advanced health features such as ECG and EDA+ Small and lightReasons not to Buy+ Certain core features are behind an unpaid wall.+ Not equipped with the Spotify controls that are found on other Fitbits

Charge 5 may be the ideal Fitbit for the majority of people. If you’ve got your heart set on the Fitbit, then you will need to decide if you would rather this over the larger price, costlier Fitbit Sense.

The model you see here is smaller. It is a uni-directional band that is not an actual watch. It does not come with applications we can download through Fitbit Versa and Sense, such as Spotify. If you want to do cardio training exercises and enjoy music, you’ll need to connect to your smartphone using the Charge 5.

The sheer quantity of features Fitbit includes in Charge 5 is impressive. It comes with a full GPS that allows for a phone-free tracker of your route. It also has an EDA Stress Sensor Fitbit added to the Sense watch, as well as it has an ECG sensor. It analyzes your heart rate to detect abnormalities with separate hardware from the heart rate sensor optically located in the back.

It is rare to find a small fitness tracker that is so extensive in the information it is able to get, and Fitbit’s sleep tracker is among the top available. But, to experience Fitbit Charge 5 at its best, to experience Fitbit Charge 5 at its full potential, you’ll have to sign up for Fitbit Premium. It’s $9.99/PS7.99 per month and includes the option of a six-month trial. While we can use the Charge 5 without it, fitness plans, fitness programs, and even blood oxygenation measurements are behind this paywall.

7. Fitbit Inspire 2

Best motivating fitness tracker in 2022


ScreenYesWater resistanceYes
Activity trackingYesHeart Rate TrackerYes
Battery life10 days
Reasons to Buy+Sleek design+ It is particularly easy to make use of+ Over a week of battery lifeReasons not to Buy+ No GPS onboard+ Monochrome display

If you’re looking to establish healthy habits and want an instrument that can give an easy push to make it happen and stay there, this Fitbit Inspire 2 could be the perfect tracking device for your fitness routines It’s simple enough. However, it has all the necessary features to keep you motivated and is incredibly user-friendly.

It is completely controlled by its intuitive touchscreen and a single side button. And it will monitor your heart rate and activities throughout the day (with alerts when you reach your targets). There are more than 20 exercise modes, and a few will begin monitoring automatically once the fitness tracker recognizes that you’ve started to exercise.

All your data is stored through the incredibly user-friendly Fitbit application, where you can track patterns as time passes, make new goals, and (if you are a subscriber to Fitbit Premium) access an entire library of video exercises to do at home. There is no color screen nor an in-built GPS to map out your routes. However, Fitbit Inspire 2 is a pleasure to use and the perfect fitness tracker for those new to it.

II. Garmin vs Fitbit – Best fitness trackers

Garmins are designed for those who love fitness, and Fitbits are designed for people who want a tracker with a comfortable appearance. This design has been the conventional approach for both brands, and it is the majority of the time in 2022.

Garmin’s best fitness trackers have superior core stat accuracy and dependability than Fitbit, according to our experiences. A recent Venu/Fenix/Forerunner wearable will typically deliver superior heart rate readings to a Versa/Charge/Sense watch.

The most current Garmins are also equipped with higher-end GPS that supports multi-band reception and Galileo. Do you know what they are? It’s a sign that you’ll be receiving solid signals over a larger selection of places and kinds. Though it is likely to have little impact if you are going for a run around the park where you live.

Garmins are the obvious choice for those who are hardcore. Fitbits be more organized in their aesthetic. However, their price differs from the apex of the most expensive Garmin trackers.

The “high top of the line” Fitbit Sense and Charge 5 cost around the same as the lower-end Garmin models. They also come with a few options that are not available in Garmin competitors.

They come with ECG/EKG hardware to track sinus rhythm as well as the EDA sensor (which utilizes ECG hardware) ECG hardware) which calculates the stress levels. Both require active involvement – you must hold your fingers to the watch’s bezel, but they’re great health-related benefits.

Its Heart Study from 2019 found that 34% of people who received an alert from the Apple Watch’s ECG were suffering from atrial fibrillation. It could be a truly beneficial feature from a medical standpoint.

III. Fitbit vs Apple Watch

Fitbit has a wider selection of devices than Apple. It also has its premium sister and the Fitbit Luxe. Besides, the sleek Charge 5 has all the essential fitness tracker features for a much lower price than Apple Watch.

In contrast to the contrary, all Apple Watches appear to be identical apart from the extent to which their fronts are covered with the screen. There’s the extravagant, cheaper, and more basic model: Watch Series 7, Watch SE, and Watch Series 3.

Are you a fan of the design? Do you like the look? Fitbit Versa and Sense watches come closer to the Apple Watch style. However, these watches last much longer than Apple’s watches off-charge. Stamina is different for each model, and at a minimum, 4 to 6 days is typical for Fitbit and roughly one day with Apple Watch.

This fact means that Fitbits better at tracking sleep, and Fitbit is likely to have the most effective sleep-tracking application on the market today (apart from the Oura Ring). To benefit the most from Fitbit, you’ll need the Premium plan ($9.99/month). It provides additional statistics, the most appropriate longer-term health metrics, and a variety of mindfulness workouts.

The Apple Watch, regardless of the model you purchase, is a superior heart rate monitor to Fitbit’s. The top Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense trackers can not compete with Apple’s reliability and precision.

The Apple Watch also has the greatest app-based collection among all watches. Are you looking for apps for third-party platforms, yoga tutorials, or meditation exercises? No one can beat Apple in this field.

Apple Fitness+, the equivalent of Fitbit Premium, is higher-end than its Fitbit counterpart, which is packed with quality video classes. If Apple Watch included the battery life of Fitbit, it could be a clear win for Apple. It does not, and most will find it easier to live with over the long term.

IV. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a tracker for fitness?

An exercise tracker (also known as a fitness band) is a piece of equipment (typically wristbands) that tracks statistics like how much your heart beats, amount of steps you walk every day, and the time you are working out. Most fitness trackers come with distinct modes to record various kinds of exercises, and they also include GPS to track the location of your body during walks, cycling, walks and walks. Most fitness trackers monitor how long you sleep and at every sleep stage.

All the data you collect is sent to an app you have installed on your phone, allowing you to track your progress. Many apps will give you virtual prizes for meeting certain goals, for example, walking 10,000 steps a day or getting to bed at the right time.

2. What are the top fitness trackers in 2022?

When choosing a fitness monitor, take into consideration what kind of activities you enjoy the most. If you’re looking to get outdoors and walk, it is possible to pick up an affordable device that does not include GPS tracking. If you’re planning to take up racing or cycling, a watch such as Fitbit Charge 5, with its integrated GPS module, is an ideal choice to keep track of your progress and speed with precision.

The next question is, how many details do you require? Certain tracking devices (like Charge5) give you numerous stats with thorough analysis, while others (such as Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6) and Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6) make things simple.

It is all about your fashion. We have discussed it before, it is best when you wear it throughout the day and at night it is not even a little bit of fun to consider how it appears.

The size of the screen and resolution are important considerations too. If you have trouble reading text on a smaller screen, invest in a fitness monitor with AMOLED screens that is brighter and has more light output than the standard memory-in-pixel (MiP) display used in various devices.

3. What is the most effective fitness tracker for 2022?

At the moment, the Fitbit Luxe is our top-rated fitness tracker. It is lightweight, slim, and beautiful enough to wear all day, providing you with an all-encompassing view of your overall health. It also features a high-resolution display that displays your fitness data in stunning detail. It also has extremely accurate heart rate monitoring to measure your intensity during your workout.

4. What is the reason you require an exercise tracker?

It is challenging to change old habits and create new ones. A fitness tracker can provide the motivation you require. The number of steps you walk daily and strive to reach a clear goal might seem straightforward. Still, it may encourage you to make small modifications (like taking the bus later or walking a short distance instead of driving) and be enough to make significant changes over time.

5. What fitness monitors are the most exact?

Modern fitness trackers do a great job of precisely keeping track of heart rate, stress, and sleep. The most current Fitbit and Garmin fitness trackers, such as Fitbit Inspire 3, Fitbit Inspire 3, Fitbit Charge, Garmin Vivosmart 5, and Garmin Venu 2 Sq, come with optical heart rate sensors that keep pace with fast changes in heart rates. With the help of associated apps, they provide an array of fitness and health features as well as features to help you remain fit and healthy.

6. What are the qualities of a great fitness tracker?

A quality tracking device for fitness is one you’ll use every day and can help create a full view of your overall health. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make small adjustments that can improve your sleep and reduce the resting heart rate, increase your fitness levels, and generally feel healthier.

7. What tests do we conduct?

As we evaluate fitness monitors, wear them throughout the day and evening to check how much information they can collect, how precise the data is, and how easy they feel to wear. Are they blocked when you’re writing? Do you feel awkward in bed or get itchy towards the final hours of your day?

We also tested them by performing various exercises, such as indoor cycling (to check the reliability and accuracy of each heart-rate monitor) and running (to test GPS accuracy when needed). We compare our results with those obtained using an accurate high-end sports watch. Sometimes, we’re surprised.

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