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Cardio training mistakes can be detrimental to your effort to increase your fitness level. We understand you are trying hard to get in shape. However, you may still need to shed more pounds than you expected. Variety could be the thing you are lacking in your workout routines. 

You may also need a greater focus, a more effective strategy, a new shoe, and healthy eating habits before your workout.

With the weight gain (and not the healthy kind) which tends to occur during the holiday season, it is the perfect time to formulate a plan to tackle it. We reached out to some fitness experts for help and advice to outline the most common mistakes in your cardio training that could slow your fitness progress.


2.1 Cardio training mistake #1: Not Cross-Training

When you find an activity you love, it is only natural that you want to keep it. However, you need to switch up your routines for cardio to avoid harming you in the end, according to Dan Bulay, C.P.T., Co-owner of the District Training Facility in New Jersey.

There is a chance of becoming bored with the workout, but your body may plateau when you perform the same thing repeatedly. “It is vital to keep a variety in your cardio training routine regardless of your sport or level of activity,” the expert states. Most people like diversification in their daily lives. Performing the same routine each day could result in a large number of people less inclined to stick to long-term goals for fitness.

“Finding alternatives to workout routines that have the same goals is a method to overcome this,” he suggests. It is as easy as jumping onto the Stairmaster instead of the treadmill, or the bully suggests jumping rope or boxing without contact, even if you do not have a gym membership.

2.2 Cardio training mistake #2: Relying exclusively on Cardio for Fat Loss

Many people take up cardio exercises in hopes of losing weight. However, this mindset is one of the common cardio training mistakes. There are more efficient routes to shedding body fat. 

“Steady-pace low-intensity exercise is great for strengthening and improving the heart. However, it will not aid in getting shredded, regardless of how hard or often you do this,” says George Yang, C.P.T., founder of YanreFitness.

If you are within that “fat-burning area” (roughly 55-65 percent of your heart rate at maximum), but you are not burning fat effectively. It is better to do HIIT exercises such as intervals on a treadmill as well as resistance exercises.

Although the majority of the calories burned during jogging for an hour are from fat and not sugars and carbs, you will also burn more calories in total, and consequently more fat-related calories in less time in HIIT (High Intensity Integrated Training), Yang claims. 

What about resistance training? The growth of muscle mass improves your metabolism, which means you are burning more calories throughout the day long, all day long.

2.3 Cardio training mistake #3: Not Eating Before Exercise

People tend to believe it is better to perform cardio training when they are not hungry. However, this could result in you not having enough motivation to push your body effectively. It does not mean that the time before your workout is the best time to plan your eggs and steak, but it is a good idea. Experts recommend having a small snack that does not make you feel weighed down but will increase your energy levels, such as an apple or fruit like a banana. These snacks can benefit your workout routine tremendously. Explore different foods to determine the way your body reacts.

2.4 Cardio training mistake #4: Not Being Focused

Stokes and many other elite trainers have a big pet peeve – and that is not paying attention while training.

Reading and checking emails or logging into social media and taking selfies at the gym can seriously hamper your cardio workouts. Essentially when you are able to take a break while you are working on then you are probably not exercising enough.

If you are trying to push your body in a cardio-based way, our experts recommend performing what they refer to as body checks. It is a technique that asks yourself questions such as “Am I pushing myself to the limit?” And “Can I push one more?” These questions can often lead you to push your workout to a higher level. 

Interrupting the exercise routines using your phone can result in you spinning your wheels but not making the progress you expect.

2.5 Cardio training mistake #5: Wearing Inappropriate Clothing/Sneakers

Knowing whether you pronate, supinate or have an even gait is crucial in deciding on the right shoes to help you through your cardio workout,” says Stokes, one of our consulting experts. This factor is particularly important when you are working out hard, as you do not want to be at risk of injuring yourself. 

In terms of clothes, Stokes encourages her clients to wear clothing they can visualize their body and feel comfortable in (think Tank tops or tight bottoms). She has found this to be a powerful motivational factor by helping you realize the progress you have made (while setting new goals too).

2.6 Cardio training mistake #6: Not Having A Plan

Make sure you are prepared! If you do not have a plan for your workout, you are likely to spend an entire training time hopping from machine to machine. It is always better to set a schedule and a target for every workout. Take into consideration the amount of time you will need to dedicate to your workout, and then develop an outline of how you can make each second worth it.

2.7 Cardio training mistake #7: Not warming Up or Cooling Down

We know your schedule is jam-packed, and you may find it difficult to fit in your cardio or even warm up and cool down. However, please remember: Even when you are only exercising at a moderate intensity exercise, the body can benefit from a gradual warming-up process as well as some active stretching before you begin, as well in a cool-down, and some static stretching after you have finished. 

These warm up and cooling moves can help you push yourself harder during the primary portion of your cardio workout and help prevent injuries.

2.8 Cardio training mistake #8: Doing workouts that you dislike.

Even if you believe running or cycling is the most efficient training, you can still do the same daily workout routine. It is recommended to vary your exercise plan to prevent your body from adjusting to the same routine and keep you from becoming bored. The most common cause of boredom is an obstacle to fitness.

If you are feeling bored or sick during your workout. You will be much less likely to complete it. Making a change – going to the gym or taking your bike out for a spin, joining classes in dance, or even trying kickboxing, for instance – will make a huge difference in staying focused on your fitness goals.

Keep your cardio workouts from getting you down! Follow these suggestions to ensure you work hard and increase your cardiovascular endurance correctly.


You should get the maximum benefit from your efforts to exercise. If you manage to avoid these mistakes in cardio training, you can get the most benefits from each minute and effort you invest in your cardiovascular training sessions. Plus, you will benefit from all the advantages of living with a well-fit body. You will be able to travel more, do more things with those you cherish, and feel better doing it.

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