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The Founder


My name is Steve. And I am very happy that you are here reading our health and fitness blog. It means that you are very conscious of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, of being in a healthy state.

Since I was young, I was already very passionate about training and fitness. As I watch beloved people around me suffer from illness, health problem,s and injuries, I wanted to do something for them. I started to do research about exercise routines, healthy diets, and the way one can take the best care of him/herself. 

When people around me get better, I also feel better. Later on, I decided that I can actually do this to more people, by writing a blog about training routines and healthy diets. In this health and fitness website, together with my team, I will be bringing you a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, supplements, training, and recovery.

Hasu D-Light mission

We developed functional fitness exercises and healthy diet programs to help you reach your maximum performance levels. We hope that you join us in our quest to build stronger humans.

Stronger humans build stronger communities. We are glad you came across us. We are here to improve your skills and performance using proven, practical training techniques.

As we believe that “functional fitness” and “unconventional training” are having the coordination of strength, mobility, flexibility, and endurance to complete everyday tasks that you require. Whether carrying grocery bags, climbing a wall, or participating in a vigorous workout, you will always be prepared.

Our workout exercises and eating habits advice are great if you have just started your fitness journey, are just trying to get back on track, or are bored with the traditional training techniques. We believe that you will enjoy the content in the site, and share it to people you think would be helpful to them.

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Last modified: November 9, 2022

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